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Kimbo Whole Coffee Beans Bundle Kit - (3 x 1kg bags) - Espresso Classico, Crema Intensa, Dolce Crema

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Kimbo Whole Coffee Beans Bundle Kit - (3 x 1kg bags) - Espresso Classico, Crema Intensa, Dolce Crema
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Espresso Classico - Create lasting memories with the unmistakable flavour of Kimbo's Espresso Classico. Espresso Classico is an expertly selected blend of the finest coffees for the pleasure of an aromatic espresso experience. This medium roast espresso is an even mixture of intensity, richness, sweetness, and body. With the Espresso Classico blend, Kimbo has created a favourable coffee that satisfies the requirements of a true espresso in the southern Italian tradition. Full-bodied, strong and full of aroma. It is a classical 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta blend. Carefully selected Brazilian coffee beans which are roasted and blended using the most modern technology, make Espresso Classico the ideal foundation for latte macchiato, cappuccino, etc. At the same time, you can also enjoy this Kimbo coffee blend as a small shot of black. Crema Intensa - The sweet flavour of Kimbo's Extra Cream espresso is the result of a careful blend of beans from Brazil, Central America, and Asia. This balanced medium roast espresso strikes a perfect harmony between sweetness and acidity. Extra Cream produces a full-bodied espresso with a decisive flavour and persistent crema. Dolce Crema - Kimbo Dolce Crema blends the choicest Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and Asia to create the brilliant flavour and body essential to Neapolitan coffee. Kimbo Dolce Crema is a light roast that strikes a perfect balance between intense and spicy aroma with a smooth mouthfeel. Topped with a velvety crema, this perfectly balanced blend that will appeal to all palates. Quality - The quality of a coffee depends above all on the quality of the raw materials. This is the reason why Kimbo dedicates so much attention to the selection of the highest quality coffee from those countries that produce it. All the cultivation phases of the coffee are watched carefully by our experts and are subject to multiple checks. Because of this, the plant can grow healthily and produce excellent quality of coffee beans. The beans are dried by the sun, decorticated and finally shipped to Italy. Today, Kimbo exports successfully in many countries and we are proud to represent this wonderful business and convert the public to the finest coffee experience possible - espresso Italiano!

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