Kimbo Sparkling Coffee Drink is a real coffee-based drink which combines

the taste of the original Italian coffee with the effervescence of a sparkling beverage.

Made with real 100% Arabica coffee, Kimbo Sparkling Coffee  Drink will refresh you in the tastiest way

whenever you need it: an aperitif with friends, a relaxing moment at home, a break during the day.

Open the can to take it on-the-go or try it in a tumbler glass with lemon zest and ice

to emphasize its flavor and freshness. You can even mix it in your cocktails

or enjoy on its own as a pleasant alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Just take a sip and dive deep into the unexpected sensations Sparkling Coffee Drink has to offer,

as it takes you to the heart of the land of coffee: Italy.

The extraction method used for Sparkling Coffee Drink is the hot brew, and not just any.

As for our typical brewing crafted with over 50 years of expertise, hot water goes through Kimbo 100% Arabica coffee to bring to life its most noble and aromatic components, and give you the most fascinating version of an unmistakable pleasure.

Besides the extraction method and its excellent quality, everything in Kimbo Sparkling Coffee Drink says “Italy”.

Even the original can, with a vibrant blue color and the iconic Capri’s Faraglioni, is designed to make you feel

the spirit of the Italian holidays, as if you were enjoying your favorite drink in front of the sea.

Sparkling Coffee Drink is the newest soft drink created by Kimbo.

An unique taste to serve cold.

A captivating experience for your coolest moments with friends or on your own.

However you want it, Kimbo Sparkling Coffee Drink.

Ice to meet you.